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The Loving Earth Concept

Loving Earth is based on my experience with the healing power of intentional energy. There is massive power in intentionally energy. We harness and measure energy in all different ways. We capture water and solar energy to power cities. We measure food energy with calories. We refine petrol to energize vehicles. We catch the wind to lift us into flight. We use reiki and sound to call energy to heal us. The energy we pour into our personal pursuits shows up as the resonance of that pursuit. Our energy level toward something dictates the outcome, and it is POWERFUL. 

This concept simply takes this realization and allows us to believe that we can rejuvenate our earth with the energy we pour into her. Think about a majority of our current societies. So many of us are detached from our planet. We wear shoes to avoid the terrain. We live inside walls that block the elements. We have sunglasses and bug spray and sunscreen and hats and everything else we can imagine to protect us from nature. We slaughter bugs and animals and trees shamelessly for our convenience. We live behind screens. We forget our earth in our consumerism and disposal efforts, and decide that saving money is more important than maintaining our planet. Somehow, we still litter. We forget to take time to acknowledge where our food comes from, because no matter the ease in how it's delivered to us, it's not grown in the grocery stores. We rarely even think about the resources required from the earth to make our clothes, our homes or our iPhones. Our overarching relationship with the earth is destructive. No wonder it's lashing out... wouldn't you if everyone treated you this way?

I believe the more we intentionally call in energy with love and compassion for this incredible planet, the more we have a chance of balancing the harmony we experience with our earth. Acknowledging how incredible this place truly is, and seeing what is provided for us all no matter our beliefs or differences, can shift the global energy and the way we interact with our only home.

Our current ways of operating are not working for our planet. However, we can change this if we can all agree that WE NEED this planet, and that we're not giving up on her. Adding gratitude for our home to our daily lives, as well as taking a moment each solstice and equinox to honor our earth together can shift our future... and the best news is that we can start right now. 

Thank you for your participation!

Krista - DreamBox Art

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